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Here's your free thinkythings.org personal analog assistant (some assembly required).

How to assemble your PAA:

  1. Print out the Persnal Analog Asistant PNG (link at left).
    • Be sure to print the page in landscape mode.
    • You might need to set the page scaling to 25% or 30% in order for the entire printout to fit on one page.
    • If you're printing from your browser, you might want to turn off headers and footers and set margins to 0.0 inches in order to maximize the PAA's size.
  2. Send me email (link below) to get your free thinkythings.org pencil (supplies limited), or find a golf pencil from another source.
  3. Cut out and fold up the pages of the PAA as described in the printout.
  4. Staple the pages around the pencil as described.
  5. Enjoy your PAA!

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