Building a one-quarter scale dalek

Even a small dalek presents a great many fabrication challenges.

Check out the build log for a chronological view of the construction or the materials list for additional details.

image of completed dalek

This dalek is a one-quarter scale model of the popular race of villanous mutants from Dr. Who. (Although daleks resemble robots, they are actually biological creatures inside an armored shell.)

The model has no moving parts (otherwise it would be an action figure). It is about 15 inches (38.1cm) high. It is composed of foamboard, wood, aluminum, and other materials. (The materials page has complete data.

It took over a year of trial and error to finish the project. (The build log contains all the details.) The Dalek Builders Guide provided a great deal of indispensable information, including complete plans, techniques, and reference drawings of each generation of dalek. (The plans are for a full-sized dalek, but they are pretty easy to scale down by a factor of four.)



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