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(19AUG2015) - Removed ads from all pages.

(06JAN2014) - Added the Lego TARDIS page.

(23JAN2008) - Added the Vintage 45s page.

(05MAY2007) - Inserted code to work with Google analytics.

(13APR2007) - Created the Feedback Form.

(20DEC2006) - Added the Savage Carburetor Pictures.

(11SEP2006) - Added the recipe for Greebled Brownies.

(23APR2006) - Added the Slapdash Thermal Carafe pages.

(21MAR2006) - Added the AC Adaptor Install page.

(23FEB2006) - New masthead and other thinkythings.org graphics.

(08JAN2006) - Added the LED Lamps page.

(02JAN2006) - Added the OBD-II page.

(23DEC2005) - Added The Dalek Page.

(03AUG2005) - Updated the copyright notices on the entire site. The content is now licensed under a Creative Commons license.

(21JUL2005) - Updated the Celtic Bibliography; includes Amazon associate links to titles.

(JUN2005) - Added Google adsense ads to the site.

(25MAY2005) - Added a link to the Suzuki Savage page.

(06APR2005) - Added the Personal Analog Assistant.

(01FEB2005) - Added obelisk 2.0.

(26JAN2005) - Added the obelisk page.

(19JAN2005) - Moved the site to a new server at globat.

(29SEP2004) - Added the brake job page.

(23AUG2004) - Front motor mount replacement page in the car section.

(19AUG2004) - Added a shortcut icon to the Celtic Pages.

(19MAY2004) - Put some of my ancient Horse Racing Info back on the Web.

(18APR2004) - A new Lego Creation! The White Stripes Video frame.

(18APR2004) - The Minimalist Weblog has been going for over a year now. I have converted it to PHP and MySQL instead of plain old HTML, but you probably shouldn't notice a difference.

(21JAN2004) - Added a link to the bottom of the woodpecker page.

(18JAN2004) - Updated index page to point at Cafepress store.

(08AUG2003) - Spark plugs, ignition wires, and distributor/rotor installation for a '93 Mazda Protegé DX. Also, minor changes to the other car pages.

(08MAR2003) - GM 3800 assembly page.

(25FEB2003) - Added a Minimalist WebLog. We'll see how long this lasts.

(14FEB2003) - Changed servers from craytech.com to thinkythings.org.

(10OCT2002) - The first substantive change in quite a while! I have a page about my car.

(09APR2001) - I added the Thinky Things section to the site. So far, only Hexaflexagons are there, but there's more thought-provoking content to come. A couple new verbnames also came my way.

(26MAR2001) - added an e-doodle to the collection.

(07JAN2001) - Updated the blocklist, including a link to a list of pretty much every word you can make with the blocks.

(18DEC2000) - Added Funny Glasses to the Lego Creation page and updated the Buzzin' Hornets Logo with a better picture.

(12DEC2000) - Added an eDoodle.

(03DEC2000) - The Buzzin' Hornets Logo is a new Lego Creation.

(29SEP2000) - One year between updates? Wow, I've got to give my site a bit more attention! I made a couple minor changes, including the long-overdue link to Christian Mercat's knotwork methods on the knotwork page.

(30SEP99) - I put the TuLiP Project back online, but I haven't updated it. Nor do I plan to. Take it for what it is, a hypertext document on how to create Web sites from the 1995-1996 time frame.

(09SEP99) - I made a number of minor changes, particularly to the Odd Things page. I also added the "Things I do and things I've done" section to the main page. And I added another page to the Knotwork Page.

(10MAY99) - Moved the site to a new server. Retired lots of pages that I haven't been updating. The Photo Gallery, Coffee Pages, and Horse racing pages have all been mothballed. Sorry, but I don't have the time to keep all these pages up-to-date.

(01MAY99) - Check out dSpace!

(13NOV98) - I have added the race car to the Lego projects page.

(28OCT98) - Wow, I haven't updated my site for a long time. Today, though, I went through and fixed some dead and missing links. I am also compiling a list of stuff to add and fix.

(03JUN98) - The Photo Gallery has been updated with my pictures of San Diego.

(30MAY98) - The Lego Creations page has been updated with several new projects, including the Gazebo, Assorted Aircraft, a California Mission, and the Mars Sojourner Microrover.

(31MAR98) - I have put my Lego Creations on the Web.

(12MAR98) - I made changes to the Celtic Knotwork section. I freshened some links, touched up the pages, and added a section on Andy Sloss' method of knotwork construction.

(23FEB98) - Changes were made to the Celtic Knotwork page. I added instructions for 3-cord knots.

(27JAN98) - I updated the Coffee Resources page, which badly needed its links freshened.

(26JAN98) - I have updated TrackWeb and other stuff on the Racing Page.

(19JAN98) - I added the woodpecker toothpick holder page, and I tweaked some HTML throughout the site.

(02NOV97) - I added a whole bunch of new photographs to the the Photo Gallery, including pictures from my recent trip to me zoo.

(15OCT97) - I finally got around to doing a bunch of little changes that have been piling up:

  • A new graphic for the site index!
  • A new verbname.
  • Removed dead links from the coffee resources page and added a new book to the list.
  • Added some new references to the Celtic Resources page.
  • Added an e-Doodle and moved them to their own page.
  • A few revisions and corrections to the coffee roasting page.
  • Mountaineer Park gets a link from TrackWeb.

(04SEP97) - A few minor changes to the Odd Things I've Done page, and a new verbname went into place.

(25AUG97) - I added e-Doodles to the Odd Things I've Done page.

(15AUG97) - I fixed a couple of broken links.

(21JUL97) - I've added some info to the Celtic home page. Check out the eight basic knotwork patterns according to J. Romilly Allen and my report on the origin and meaning of Celtic knotwork.

(03JUL97) - A few minor tweaks and additions. I moved the history and news to a separate page (this one).

(30JUN97) - I completely revamped the site. I changed some of the content and I gave the navigational pages a different look. Watch out for even more changes to the site in the near future. If something got broken during the transition, please let me know about it.

(04JUN97) - I recompressed many of the pictures on this site. Hopefully the smaller sizes will lead to faster downloads. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

(04JUN97) - I'm just beginning to overhaul my site's look. Watch out for changes coming soon!

(08FEB97) - A year ago today, this page was black in protest of the Communications Decency Act.

(24OCT96) - These pages have moved to a new server (home.ctnet.com/drew...); however, if you use the old URLs (www.ctnet.com/drew...), you should be redirected to the new server. Try to update your bookmarks and links, though.

(10JUL96) - The site was reorganized to provide easier access to all the pages.

(MAY96) - My site moved from ExchangeNet to www.ctnet.com/drew/...

(JUN95) - I first created my site over at ExchangeNet.

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