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Thinky Things

Thinky Things!
Hexaflexagons - About as much fun as you can imagine having with a piece of folded paper.
Personal Analog Assistant - Your low-tech data recording solution.

Minimalist Weblog

Minimalist Weblog
Minimalist WebLog
Minimalist Search
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Celtic Knotwork

Celtia: Information about the celts. Mostly knotwork, but also some other stuff.
References - 'Net and non-'Net Celtic resources.
Knotwork - A primer for drawing Celtic Knotwork.
Eight Basic Knotwork Patterns - According to J. Romilly Allen.
The Origin and Meaning of Celtic Knotwork - Answers to some very frequently asked questions.
The Celtic Cross - An example of Celtic Knotwork.
Interlaced Pattern from a Chanfron - Part of an interlaced pattern from a chanfron.
Foamhenge - The legacy of Foamhenge.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing
Information about Lasix
The story of the 21st Travers Stakes

Odd Things

Odd Things, like:
Woodpecker Toothpick Holder - A toothpick dispenser shaped like a woodpecker.
Foamhenge - A model of Stonehenge made of packing foam.
Verbnames - First names that are also verbs.
The Blocklist - Phrases you can make with "the blocks".
e-Doodles - Electronic doodles.
The Obelisk - I made an obelisk.
Obelisk 2.0 - I made a better obelisk.

Lego Creations

Lego Creations that I've made:
The Big Red Rig
Delivery Wagon
The Blacksmith's Shop
The Gazebo
Assorted Aircraft
A California Mission
Mars Sojourner Microrover
Race Car
Buzzin' Hornets Logo
Funny Glasses
White Stripes Video

Things I Do

Things I do and things I've done:
Cafepress store
The Dalek
LED Lamps
The Slapdash Thermal Carafe
Greebled Brownies
Vintage 45s


Protegé5 and other automobile/mechanical stuff:
Protegé5 The obligatory page about my car.
How I installed my new exhaust. Not necessarily how you should install yours.
Windshield decal installation. How I covered my shame.
Front motor mount replacement. Good vibrations.
Spark plugs, ignition wires and distributor/rotor for a '93 Mazda Protegé DX.
Brake lines, pads, and rotors.
How I assembled a GM 3800 engine.
1999 Suzuki Savage.
1999 Suzuki Savage Carburetor Pictures.
How to OBD-II.
AC Adaptor Install.

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